GreatVocab is an effective and dynamic way to prepare for the GRE.

In fact GreatVocab was custom made for the GRE, literally. It was developed specifically to uncover every 'trick' possible for effectively learning vocabulary words. In fact, we use the same methodology and teaching protocol as the world class Rosetta Stone learning system.

So, why is the GRE's verbal section difficult? Because memorizing vocabulary words isn't a strength for most of us. And learning hundreds of words and definitions in a few weeks can seem impossible... without spending hours a day with flash cards.

But there's more to it than that. Because we know it works, we are pleased to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So why not give it a go? For at a fraction of the cost of other similar learning tools you can join us at GreatVocab and learn your vocabulary effectively and efficiently... with no risk.

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Prioritized Vocabulary Lists

GreatVocab features several prioritized word lists to help you study for the GRE and SAT tests efficiently. You'll start with a word "roots" list which teaches nearly 400 popular word roots, which will immediately impact and improve your ability to learn important new words.

Next, you’ll be presented with three lists of increasing size which feature the most common words presented on the GRE and SAT exams. The final list is a huge 4,500+ word list which we gives you the extra knowledge you need to achieve a high test score. Its content is equivalent to the big physical GRE/SAT test prep books available, but a much more intuitive, efficient and easy way to learn.

Adaptive Algorithm

Perhaps the best feature in GreatVocab is the powerful algorithm behind it all. Developed over countless hours by the best test prep minds in the industry:

  • It knows the words you know by employing "statistical confidence" levels.
  • It includes both short term and long term word lists to dramatically improve your long term and short term memory.