About Us

GreatVocab is a powerful vocabulary training system that teaches you the most important vocabulary words without a single flash card, guaranteed.

Mission Statement: GreatVocab strives to be the world's leading vocabulary study tool, igniting learning, improving cognitive retention and empowering the true student in you.

About Us: GreatVocab started with a simple goal: the desire to provide the very best study solutions for today's exam takers. Back in 2007, our Founder, Charles Cook, was preparing for the GRE, however he had limited time to study. He needed an effective and efficient way to study vocabulary. Frustrated with the existing test prep methods and books, he knew there was a better way. So knowing how to develop code and with many years of software development behind him, he decided to built GreatVocab.

And of course, like Charles, at one point or another, we are all students, people who want to learn and grow academically, but are pressed for time. Why not study the effective way and unlock your potential with GreatVocab?

Charles Cook, PhD.
Founder/ Developer,
GreatVocab LLC

Katarina Annice Glomb
President, GreatVocab LLC