What is Great Vocab?

A unique online flash card tool that helps you improve your GRE or SAT scores - fast!

Training that Works

Achieving a high score on the GRE or SAT can be a challenge. Even the best students and most diligent learners spend hundreds of hours studying for the exam. But these high performance test takers have a secret weapon – GreatVocab. And it stands to reason; to get a top score on standardized tests, you need to be prepared. Our program is simple and effective: using a series of flash cards focusing on root words, as well as GRE and SAT vocabulary lists, GreatVocab provides you with the tools you need to tackle any word-related question. Why not study for and pass the test the way the best students do?

Your Time Matters

We understand. There’s never enough time in the day. With school, work, and personal responsibilities, your days are always busy. Efficiency is the key. Our program is easy, and provides flexibility: you can study at home, or on the go by using your tablet or smartphone.

Benefits Beyond the Test

Words and sentences and the structure they are based around are the means by which all ideas are communicated. We all want to be understood in a clear, persuasive and meaningful way. Ask yourself: Do you want your thoughts and ideas to be received well? Of course, we all do.

Success in your educational pursuits, in your career, and in your personal life is determined, in large part, by your ability to express your thoughts and ideas effectively. With GreatVocab, you can fast track your learning and gain valuable communication skills that will last a lifetime!

From Our Creator

As a student and programmer, I wanted something better when preparing for the Graduate Record Exam... so I built it. My vocabulary training tool has evolved over time into GreatVocab, helping hundreds of friends, family and students learn vocabulary along the way. In my case, with the earliest versions of the tool I learned 24 words a day and improved my verbal score 100 points at just 27 minutes a day.

Charles Cook, PhD.

GreatVocab has gained many features and abilities
with the feedback and suggestions of its users:

Prepared word lists
Word roots
Multiple definitions
Sentence completion
Synonyms and antonyms
Graphs and progress statistics
Personal login
Scoring and community challenges
Benefits from others
Mobile friendly

Benefits that Go Beyond Improved Test Taking

Better communication skills through writing and spoken language
More effective persuasion power through concise and precise use of the English language
Increased career potential and promotion opportunities
Reduced fear of public speaking by improving your command of the English language