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to help you improve your SAT and GRE scores.
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Getting the score you want on the GRE Test isn’t always easy. The best test takers spend days and weeks studying before they take the test. But, as you’ll see, even the best test takers are studying the wrong way. They don’t know the shortcuts – the best advice – to study for the test and pass it the easy way.
Benefits Beyond the Test
Words are the tools by which all ideas are communicated; do you want your ideas heard? Absolutely.

Success at a university, in a career, and day-to-day life hinges on your ability to express your thoughts and ideas effectively.
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You can start using GreatVocab in less than 5 minutes and be on your way to memorizing all the words required to pass the GRE Verbal. The bottom line? GreatVocab’s GRE verbal test training class will help you raise Your GRE Score.
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Five most missed words
3. Lying
4. Frailty
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Learn Vocabulary Quickly
Our program features an optimized vocabulary learning experience built on the English dictionary and a library of classical works. Our approach is designed from the ground up to teach vocabulary as quickly and as effectively as possible using a mixture of approaches, from flash cards to filling in the blank. Learn the words, not only the definitions.
Raise Your GRE and SAT Scores
The GreatVocab system was developed because the "recommended" study technique – Flash Cards – was tedious, outdated, and boring. There was a real need for a GRE verbal test training class that could actually raise your score.

Benefits that Go Beyond Improved Test Taking

  • Better communication skills through writing and spoken language
  • Increased career potential and promotion opportunities
  • More effective persuasion power through concise and precise use of the English language
  • Reduced fear of public speaking by improving your command of the English language

As a student and programmer, I wanted something better when preparing for the Graduate Record Exam… so I built it. My vocabulary training tool has evolved over time into GreatVocab, helping hundreds of friends, family and students learn vocabulary along the way. In my case, with the earliest versions of the tool I learned 24 words a day and improved my verbal score 100 points at just 27 minutes a day.

GreatVocab has gained many features and abilities with the feedback and suggestions of its users:

  • Prepared word lists: we have prepared several vocabulary lists for exams such as the GRE and SAT.
  • Word roots: we have created a section specifically for learning over five hundred common word roots which greatly increases performance on standardized tests in short order.
  • Sentence completion: learn to use the words as well as know their definitions. With sentence completion you will learn to apply the words in context as is required on standardized exams and in daily use. We believe this to be just as valuable as learning definitions through a flash card approach.
  • Multiple definitions: Rather than learning one definition for each word, we test your understanding of every definition for a word. Don’t let multiple meanings trip you up on an exam, especially dangerous if using a process of elimination.
  • Synonyms and antonyms: We also have used the topology of the English language to be sure you know synonyms and antonyms. For example we show definitions of words similar to the word being learned so that the subtle differences between the words are learned.
  • Graphs and progress statistics: With a powerful engine managing your vocabulary training we are able to present to you your progress through statistics an graphs that will help you pace yourself to meet deadlines for exams and tests such as the GRE and SAT.
  • Personal login: GreatVocab is an online application, meaning you can use it from anywhere you have an internet connection: home, work, or even the bus ride home.
  • Scoring and community challenges: We encourage competition when it comes to learning vocabulary. What better way to know how prepared you are for your exam than to know where you stand as one of our members.
  • Benefit from others: With GreatVocab you have the added benefit of an engine that adapts to others’ performance. We know which words are the hardest to learn for our members, and you benefit from that.

Join thousands of people around the globe who are using this simple yet effective vocabulary tool. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is included with your membership.

100% Guaranteed

Forget about those more expensive, ineffective training programs - you can start using GreatVocab in less than 5 minutes and be on your way to memorizing all the words required to pass the GRE Verbal.

The bottom line? GreatVocab’s GRE verbal test training class will help you raise Your GRE Score.

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